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UPDATED 16 October 2020

Return to Volleyball – Children Travelling Across Lockdown Areas

The recent Welsh government announcement that will allow children to cross lockdown boundaries to travel to play sport has yet to be made official.
We await confirmation of a date when this will take effect and the actual age of the children that are allowed.
Until then, and at this current moment, there is no dispensation that allows children to travel in and out of lockdown areas to attend sports training or competition.
We expect to know more towards the end of this week, early next week regarding the exact details and date of commencement.


Additional information from Sport Wales/Welsh Government for the size of the indoor sports facilities:

‘Simultaneous gatherings of individuals and groups up to 30 people are allowed within a large space such as a swimming pool, a gym, or a sports hall, as long as the space allows for physical distancing, with groups and individuals separated and managed safely. This should only be considered where space is sufficient to allow 100sqft per person on land or 3sqm per bather in a pool, as set out in UK Active Guidance, where entry and exit for individuals and groups can be managed, and where the space can be partitioned so individuals and groups do not interact, without limiting the ability to allow appropriate ventilation and control environmental factors such as humidity in each space.’

Update from Sport Wales with regards to Government announcements 22 September 20:

As you will know, the First Minister last night announced additional restrictions for Wales in the light of increasing Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations. At present there are no changes to the regulations and guidance covering sport either indoors or outdoors. Responsible activity in line with the law is still permitted and encouraged.

However, in light of the worsening situation, we have been informed by Welsh Government that plans to progress further test events in Wales are currently on hold. Outdoor events of up to 30 people can take place, however events run in “waves” that go over this limit are not permitted by the regulations.

Volleyball Wales will provide further updates once they are available from Sport Wales and the Welsh Government. Please note that all clubs situated in Wales are required to follow Welsh Government rules. The rules that England and Volleyball England have announced today do not apply to Wales.

Update with regards to indoor exercise and face coverings:

The Welsh Government have confirmed to Sport Wales that there is no change to the indoor gathering for exercise regulation. “exercise with others, in a gathering of no more than 30 people, at a fitness studio, gym, swimming pool, other indoor leisure centre or facility or any other open premises.”.

Although as of today, all customers and staff will be required to wear masks in indoor facilities.

The Government’s FAQ’s confirm that you are not required to wear a mask while exercising.  We would recommend you familiarise yourself with the FAQ’s regarding face coverings.

In respect of exercise, the following guidance is provided in the FAQ’s:

“If you are preparing to exercise, changing, or undertaking any activity that isn’t strenuous, especially when in close contact with other people, you will need to wear a face covering.

“However, there may be circumstances where the layout of the premises and the nature of the exercise you are doing mean that it would not be reasonable to expect you to wear a face covering. The World Health Organisation advises against wearing a face covering when exercising as sweat can make a face covering become wet more quickly, making it difficult to breathe and promoting the growth of microorganisms. It advises the important preventative measure during exercise is to maintain physical distance from others.”

The lockdown rules differ between Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Please be aware that all clubs and players currently situated within the Welsh boarders are subject to the Welsh Government guidance. The most up to date guidance can be found here:

Until the next review by the Welsh Government the following applies for Volleyball in Wales:


Helpful resources for restarting your club activity

Attendance Register Template:

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FAQs Hygiene in Sport:

Advice from the Welsh Government for reopening the sport in your club: Advice for Clubs from the Welsh Government





Further information will be provided in line with Welsh Government guidance once updates are available.